Symbiont technology

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) form mutualistic associations with most terrestrial plants. They provide several important benefits including enhanced nutrition, drought tolerance, biocontrol of pathogens and tolerance of heavy metals, salt and other pollutants. Maximising these benefits for plant production to produce high quality plants more sustainably has been an important aim in recent years .

My publications cited on researchgate inform you about principles of production, quality control and application of AMF inoculum for use in plant production systems. 


The author provided the first German mycorrhiza trade company (Symbionta, 1989) with effective inoculum and is up today consultant of commercial inoculum producers. He worked on population biological principles of inoculum effectiveness and predictability of inoculation effects. He was the German representative in the management committee of COST Action 870 and the coordinator of the Committee for Mycorrhiza Application in Germany (CMAG). Currently he promotes the use of mycorrhizal fungi in German homegardens.